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与苏Braille-patterned FabRx Printlets设计rface to aid visually impaired

制药3D印刷专家fabrxhas produced orodispersible 3D printed tablets, called Printlets, which are designed with Braille and Moon patterns on the surface to aid medicine taking for patients with visual impairment.

The FabRx and伦敦大学学院(UCL)团队使用了选择性激光烧结(SLS)3D打印过程来创建Printlets。Printlet的可读性已由一名盲人员工验证皇家盲人研究所(RNIB), where the staff member confirmed that all the Braille and Moon Printlets were easy to read and stable upon handling.

FabRX has produced orodispersible 3D printed tablets designed with Braille and Moon patterns on the surface. Image via FabRX.

Utilizing SLS technology


“Because the Printlets rapidly disintegrate in the mouth, the patients are not expected to experience any discomfort upon swallowing due to the presence of the patterns,” explained UCL PHD student and first author of the study, Atheer Awad. “In addition, this allows these medications to be taken independently without the need for water or the help of a carer.”

According to Awad, as the process is controlled via a 3D computer-aided software it is easy to change the design of the Printlets to allow for various shapes and patterns to be printed as required. The tablets are printed using FabRx’sM3DIMAKER 3D printer, first introduced atILMAC展览在2019年9月,专门设计用于制造个性化药物递送设备。

由于大多数现代药物递送设备通过常规方法制造的“一种尺寸适合所有方法”的方法,因此3D打印打开了重要的potential for personalization of dosages以及满足年龄和体质依赖医学配方的能力。

Last year, FabRxdeveloped personalized medicine for childrenwith the rare metabolic disorder, maple syrup urine disease (MSUD), offering a rapid and automated alternative for the preparation of tailored therapeutic dosages.

fabrxM3DIMAKER. Photo via FabRx.
fabrxM3DIMAKER. Photo via FabRx.

Aiding self-administration

In addition to printing Braille onto the tablet’s surface, The FabRx and UCL team have been investigating how the Printlets can be designed in different shapes to offer additional details, such as dosage. This concept aims to provide the patient with further information than what the small surface area of the Printlets can, upon which the size of the pattern that can be printed is limited.

“We wanted to make use of one of the common practices that blind patients often utilize; which is using shapes to identify colors,” said Awad. “So, we used the same concept but as a reference to medical use and dosing regimen. In doing so, we are eliminating the need for patients to constantly refer to paper packages and reducing the number of errors associated with the removal of medications from original packages.”

During the study, the Printlets were found to retain their original mechanical properties and dissolution characteristics, despite the variation in shape and pattern, and disintegrated within approximately five seconds. Through this development, FabRx believes the Printlets could help safeguard the use of medications for visually-impaired patients while supporting self-administration and independence.

The role of Polypharmacy

多药物是指多种药物的给药,可能会导致药物管理中的混乱和错误,尤其是在视觉障碍的情况下。FabRX已使用立体光刻(SLA)研究将多种药物打印到相同的剂型中,以创建3D印刷的息肉或“ polyprintlets”。


“In simple terms, the possibilities with this technology are endless,” Awad said. “We can create the medication that is best suited for each individual patient, based on their genetics, medical condition, and preferences.”

来自UCL的研究人员discovered an unexpected chemical reactionwhilst utilizing SLA to stack four drugs designed to treat high blood pressure in a single pill. Within the formulation, Amlodipine was found undetectable upon experimentation, despite the pill being successfully 3D printed.

该研究的标题为“抗高血压多刺的立体光刻(SLA)3D打印:意外光聚合物 - 药物反应的案例研究”,发表在《添加剂制造杂志》上,并由Xiaoyan Xu,Pamela Robles-Martinez,Christine M. Madla,Alvaro Goyanes,Fanny Joubert,Abdul W. Basit和Simongaisford合着。

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Featured image shows FabRx’s orodispersible 3D printed tablets designed with Braille and Moon patterns on the surface. Image via FabRx.