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fabrxlaunches the M3DIMAKER for personalized medicine 3D printing

fabrx,Pharmaceutical 3D打印专家,已推出M3Dimaker用于制造个性化药物递送设备的3D打印机。这伦敦大学学院(UCL)纺纱首先引入了M3Dimaker系统ILMAC展览在2019年9月24日至27日举行的瑞士。该版本是在FabRX完成了全球医院,药房和研究机构的机器的试验之后。

FabRX M3Dimaker. Photo via FabRx.
FabRX M3Dimaker. Photo via FabRx.



fabrxbelieves 3D printing will shine when it comes to optimally meeting the need for age and physique-dependent medical formulations. Patient-specific dosage profiles coupled with the ability to produce polypills – multiple medications combined into single printlets – will allow for the treatment of patients with a greater degree of precision and accuracy.

FabRX M3Dimaker

这M3Dimakeris a desktop-sized FFF system specially designed to extrude medical formulae in the required doses selected by clinicians. The pharmacists operating the machine have access to sophisticated fingerprint readers incorporated into the system, allowing only qualified personnel to fabricate tablets. The addition of in-situ camera monitoring also allows for constant quality control and print failure detection.

Operators of the M3DIMAKER have the option to choose between three printing nozzles which adapt the system to different manufacturing needs, which include small batch production for clinical trials and precise personalized dosage forms for individuals. According to FabRx, the preparation of 28 printlets, or one month’s medication, takes around 8 minutes to complete depending on the drug.

M3Dimaker3D printing tablets directly onto blister packaging. Photo via FabRx.
M3Dimaker3D printing tablets directly onto blister packaging. Photo via FabRx.

Dr. Alvaro Goyanes, Director of Development at FabRx stated: “We are delighted to be launching our state-of-the-art 3D printing system in light of the recommendations from the regulatory organisations into the pharmaceutical market. I truly believe that we are one step closer to personalised medicine thanks to the M3DIMAKER.”

这3D printing of drug delivery devices has seen significant research in recent years. Released earlier in 2020, aspecial issue editorialby scientists from贝尔法斯特皇后大学详细介绍了使用各种3D打印技术的药品和药物输送设备的生产。在其他地方,专注于非常规的药物输送设备,华盛顿州立大学研究人员有3D打印了隐形眼镜竞争激光眼科手术。该镜头是能够将药物直接输送到患者眼睛的微针阵列的家园。

这nominations for the2020 3D印刷行业奖现在打开。您认为谁应该成为今年演出的入围名单?现在有你的发言权。

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Featured image shows M3DIMAKER 3D printing tablets directly onto blister packaging. Photo via FabRx.