BICO and Nanochon announce $1.5 million partnership to develop regenerative joint implants

3D生物印刷公司BICOhas announced an initial $1.5 million contract manufacturing deal with regenerative joint replacement start-up纳米

这deal will see Nanochon purchase products and services worth $1.5 million from BICO’s分数公司开发其3D打印的再生联合植入物,初创企业索赔将为患者提供更快的回收率,同时减少卫生提供者的成本。

“Nanochon’s approach to regenerative joint replacement has the potential to improve the lives of tens of millions of people each year,” said Erik Gatenholm, CEO and Co-founder of BICO. “We’re thrilled to leverage BICO’s bio automation manufacturing and technology expertise to help bring this product to millions of patients around the world.”


BICO’s growing hold on the 3D bioprinting market

通过它的CELLINKand other subsidiaries, BICO offers a comprehensive portfolio of extrusion-based bioprinters, light-based bioprinters, and tissue-specific bioinks that can be found in more than 2,000 laboratories worldwide, includingStanford University,,,,哈佛大学,,,,and约翰逊和约翰逊

顶部rebranding in August,,,,BICO has acquired multiple 3D printing businesses in the past year or so in an attempt to grow its hold on the bioprinting market. In August 2020, the firm acquired precision dispensing 3D printing firm分数in a deal worth €80 million, which enabled BICO to合并Scienion的PICO和纳米尺细胞分配功能into its product range.

More recently, BICO also acquired in-vitro technology specialistMatTek Corporation6800万美元advance its research into animal cruelty-free cellular testing models和两光子聚合(2pp)3D打印机制造商nanoscribeto enable thefabrication of more lifelike soft tissues

In October, BICO was发行了两项新专利对于温度敏感的生物学的3D生物打印,它说将加速研发,例如基于3D细胞的药物开发。

使用Cellink 3D Bioprointer的科学家。
使用BICO的BIO X 3D生物生产者进行组织制造。通过BICO照片。


根据BICO的说法,美国每年进行了700万多个关节置换手术。这美国医疗保险和医疗补助服务中心estimates that aging Americans will driveannual healthcare spending to $6 trillion by 2027,,,,with much of that coming from aging-related disorders like osteoporosis for which joint replacement surgery is required.

Typically, current joint replacements tend to last only 15-20 years due to a lack of organic cartilage growth, compounded by the highly invasive nature of the surgery.


这company says its technology will deliver faster and more successful recovery rates for patients, while also reducing the cost of treatment for healthcare providers and patients alike.

As part of the deal between BICO and Nanochon, SCIENION will serve as a contract manufacturer for cartilage resurfacing implants for Nanochon, leveraging several key technologies from BICO’s portfolio. Over the coming decade, SCIENION will become a key manufacturing partner for Nanochon.

Nanochon的首席执行官兼联合创始人Ben Holmes说:“获得BICO集团的战略支持非常令人兴奋。”“我们有一个清晰的愿景,可以帮助与我们的技术共同疾病的患者,这种伙伴关系将大大加速纳米刺激到诊所和市场。”

In addition to the manufacturing partnership struck between the two companies, BICO has also invested $400,000 into Nanochon’s seed funding round to advance its regenerative medicine technology. As a result, the technology will become a key part of BICO’s Next Generation Core Industrial Ecosystems, under Tissue Engineering.

纳米will use the funding to help scale its manufacturing processes and accelerate the progress of its clinical trials.

这procedure for implanting Nanochon’s 3D printed medical device. Photo via Nanochon.



For instance, the likes ofOsteoporeandMaastricht University Medical Centrehave developed bioresorbable bone implants with the防止腿截肢的潜力,,,,and the巴塞尔大学has developed a novel 3D printed implant fortreating eye socket fractures这降低了患者拒绝的风险。

在其他地方,使用的脊柱植入物3D使用Farsoon’sSLM technology has beengranted landmark clearance来自中国国家医疗产品管理局(NMPA)和丹麦医疗设备制造商Particle3Dhas been granted a Chinese patent for a novel bioink that enables the3D打印完全备用多孔骨植入物

就在上周,Health Canadaapproved its first加拿大制造的3D印刷医疗植入物,可自定义的下颌(下颌)板,用于面部重建手术。

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Featured image showsNanochon的3D印刷软骨植入物。通过Nanochon的照片。